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Małopolska Region office in Brussels was set up in order to represent the interest of our region on the European forum. Małopolska was among the first Polish regions to set up a regional representation in Brussels – it was opened in 2002, two years before the accession to the European Union.

By being present in the European capital, we are able to monitor the progress of crucial policies. That gives us a first-hand view of the opportunities that it creates for our region.

A wide network of direct contacts with the European institutions and other regional representations allows us to include strategic interests of Małopolska into discussion on the future shape of EU policies.

To ensure a better recognition and a positive image of our region, we are constantly undertaking promotional events, such as exhibitions, concerts, etc.

Our office also serves as a source of information about the EU for the local and regional authorities as well as for other stakeholders from the region (entrepreneurs, NGOs, schools, etc.).

Each year we organise several study visits for civil servants from regional authorities of Malopolska. These visits allow them to get improve their understanding of European institutions, as well as establish new professional contacts.

Małopolska Region Brussels Office is part of the Marshal’s Office of the Małopolska Region.

Some facts about the region

Małopolska is one of Poland’s 16 administrative provinces. It is located in southern Poland with Krakow as the capital city of the region. 
Each year millions of tourists visits Małopolska to enjoy huge number of tourist attractions including 8 locations listed as UNESCO World Cultural and Heritage sites. The region is very well known for its unique scenery with glorious natural landscapes and diverse fauna and flora. The Tatra Mountains located in the southern part of the region are excellent for leisure activities and extreme sports in winter and summer. 
Małopolska is an attractive location for foreign investors due to the number and quality of human resources, level of education of the employees and available infrastructure. 

The Friends of Malopolska Club gathers all sympathisers of our region regardless of their nationality. Joining the Club is free of charge and gives the opportunity to take part in various events, meeting region famous representatives and participating in contests. We warmly welcome all interested people.
We invite you to read the sixteenth issue of the Closer to Brussels e-magazine, which is exclusively dedicated to the issue of macro-regional strategies. While in various parts of Europe macro-regional strategies are implemented, Malopolska and Silesia adopted the “Strategy for Development of Southern Poland until 2020”. Even if the scale and the scope of this document is clearly smaller than the ones of a macro-regional strategy with a strict understanding, the essential logic behind the Polish strategy is very similar. A coordination of development strategies of neighbouring regions is supposed to bring better effects for the population than a competition between those territories. What is important to underline is that targets should be met without engaging any additional funding, creating new institutions nor adopting new legislation. In this issue you will find information on existing and foreseen macro-regional strategies and about key concepts involved. Enjoy the issue!
Members of European Parliament from elected in Malopolska 

Contact us:

Malopolska Region Brussels Office
Rue du Luxembourg 3, 1000 Bruxelles

Renata Jasiołek
Head of Office

tel: +32 2 513 79 98

Aleksander Vigne
EU Policy Officer

tel. +32 2 502 70 14

Małgorzata Ratajska-Grandin
(maternity leave)

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